Northwest Trophy and Award of Washington

Though there are lots of trophy shops in the Northwest region, one of the best trophy houses in Washington state is Northwest Trophy and Award. In this house you can find various types of items like trophies, Military statues, awards etc. the trophy house inc. was established in 1970 and after that it was known as “Heraldic Plagues”. Heraldic Plagues was developed shields for US Army. The trophy house is the largest and biggest showroom in trophy manufacturer around the Northwest US. There are lots of costumers of Northwest Trophy & Award so they have to increase the network by appointing new employees and after that they setup a satellite connection for faster and accurate service.

Northwest Trophy

This trophy house is very popular house and made lots of trophies for various departments and peoples. Some of them are Bob Hope, John Wayne, General Hugh Shelton, Ross Perot, Collin Powell, Faith hill, Lee Greenwood, Tiger wood and many more. In the trophy house there are approximately 30 to 35 members who work to make trophy. There are many staff posts in trophy house Administrative Staff, IT marketing and web administration, Production staff, in-store sales staff and outside sales staff. The owner and president of this trophy house is Mr. Jimmy K Keefe.

They created many types of Awards Seattle WA, bracelets, coins, desk sets, dog tanks, guidons, Posters, sword and cases, statue and plague. Apparels like hats and caps, patches, T-shirts, embroidered shirts. Soldier’s deployment bracelets, memorial bracelets, military dog tags, medical alert tag. They made coins, medallions, medals and token also this is used to denote the achievement of the soldiers. There is a special design on every medal for a special people. There are the three material used to create the medal Brass, Nickel and bronze. There are also some special medals which have silver and gold plating. Marble Desksets with pen, piano finish black Desksets, military Desksets with cutouts and pen and without pen.The dog tags are available in three different categories these are army, navy and air force. In the dog tags the naming is done in this format. In the first line there is the name of the soldier, in the second line there is a second or middle name, in the third line SSN#, fourth line have blood type and in fifth line religion.

Northwest Trophy

Guidons mean the regulation and made from cloth. There are several types of Guidons these are Framed Mini Guidon, framed battalion colors with cutouts, framed military Guidons. Statues like eagle, heraldic, sports carrier and mascots. The time to create statue is approx 4-7 days and also the time of shipping. There are lots of plaques like heraldic plaques, general plaques, and Econo plaques. For more information, visit Northwest Trophy.

This trophy house is situated in Woodinville, Washington at 13440 NE 177th Pl. If you have any type of problem you can directly contact the company by dialing this telephone number (425) 485-4149. There will be no shipping charge but only serves their items in United States. Within 72 hours you are able to return the product and get your money refunded. When you need a trophy, award, plaque, custom engraving or anything else, make sure to use Northwest Trophy.