The Best Award Shop in Brooklyn Park

One of the best and widely accepted methods of recognizing achievement and excellence is through the award of trophies and when you need to purchase a good trophy or award, visit Viking Trophies. Over time, trophies have gained universal prestige status. As a result, they exist in all forms, shapes and sizes. This also has led to a market catering for the trophy Minneapolis industry with all sorts of players and operators who offer awards of varying quality. That is the main reason why it is imperative to find a trophy shop which guarantees the quality of the trophies it offers.

A good trophy shop is one that offers an extensive range of options. This is especially so because trophies tend to be categorized into different classes. For instance, corporate trophies are usually different in make and nature compared to sports trophies. A shop with a creatively wide catalogue therefore gives the shopper flexibility with material options ranging from plastic to glassware and marble. For more info, visit Viking Trophies.

The best trophy shops combine the guarantee of top quality with inspiring designs and sublime artwork to ensure the end result not only meets but also exceeds the expectations of the buyer. This is maintained consistently across the entire spectrum of awards from engraved work to carvings and plaques. A good trophy should be durable because its recipient will be likely to keep it for many years, sometimes for life. Furthermore, the best award shops make provision for creation of customized trophies allow you to participate in the award creation by suggesting unique designs or inscriptions which may have a special significance to you. This may include company logos, corporate mission statements and team badges among others.


In Minneapolis, there is a great award shop catering to all needs. It is called Viking Trophies and is located at 6248 Lakeland Ave. N, suite 102, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428. Their showroom has the most varied array of awards in Minneapolis and all of Minnesota. Moreover, the Viking Trophies award shop in Brooklyn Park offers extensive services complimenting traditional engraving using modern technologies and software. This embracing of technology has enabled them to create unique items for clients ranging from crisp, branded corporate shirts to banners with customized fonts.

Viking Trophies

Their catalogue ranges from ceremonial awards like scepters, tiaras, crowns and gavels made of crystal to contemporary trophies such as plaques, shields, cases and vases. In addition, they offer sporting trophies covering the entire spectrum from golf and athletics to football and polo. Furthermore, the Viking Trophies award shop in Brooklyn Park offers sculptures, corporate pens and other stationery pieces, ribbons, medals, certificates and corporate cups to name but a few. All the accessories which go with awards such as medal cases, cup holders and tie pins are available. They also handle artwork pieces on order and process bulk orders within schedule. All you need is to send your order and Viking Trophies award shop in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, will produce it to your exact specifications.

Their products can be viewed and ordered online but a visit to their showroom is a wonderful and elucidating experience for trophy shoppers. What’s more, all their merchandise is competitively priced with great discounts available. For when you need a good trophy, award, plaque or engraving, remember Viking Trophies in Brooklyn Park, MN.